US$10 million worth of Zimbabwean Bond Notes were introduced in November 2016 and are denominated in U.S. Kate and John Bouvier and Barry Boswell Dealing in paper money since 1986. Zimbabwe's economy is growing at a brisk pace despite continuing political uncertainty. II. This is a Curency Gallery page and some, most or even all of the banknotes displayed above on this page may not be available to purchase or to photograph. Today, Zimbabwe has a multi-currency economic system set in place where money from around the world has become legal tender. Following a decade of contraction, Zimbabwe's economy recorded real growth of 5.9% in 2010. The 2007 bearer cheque series was first issued on 2 March 2007 with the introduction of $5 000 and $50 000 cheques to act as intermediary denominations between the $1 000, $10 000 and $100 000 cheques respectively. The first run, which consisted of denominations from $2 to $20, had the original watermark of the Zimbabwe Bird (profile angle, short neck), whilst the second run consisted only of the $2 and $5 denominations, bearing the watermark of the bird with a longer neck and at ¾ profile angle.[23]. Prices are quoted in GB Pounds; you can click the currency symbols above to show approximate values in US Dollars or Euros. The $750 000 denomination of the December 2007 series was the only note out of all cheques of the second dollar to bear a holographic strip, as the cheque was printed on paper that was prepared for the 1 000 ZWD notes (Pick No. Zimbabwe Bird (¾ profile angle, long neck) and number 500. 136) was the largest denomination to be issued. 0 bids. The paper money of Zimbabwe were physical forms of Zimbabwe's four incarnations of the dollar ($ or Z$) from 1980 to 2009. Zimbabwe 5 Dollars Banknote, 2016, P-100, UNC, Bond Note, Rock, Trees, Giraffes Books Values are provided from the Standard Catalog of World Paper Money, 2th Edition.Please note for certain banknotes BNWorld, Inc. uses the Market Value when no Book Value has been assigned or there is a significant gap between SCWPM's Book Value and the current Market Value. Zimbabwe this year abolished a multi-currency system and reintroduced the Zimbabwe dollar as sole legal tender, a decade after it went out of circulation because of hyperinflation. [1][6] From 1994 to 1997 the Reserve Bank issued a new series of notes ranging from $2 to $100, although the $2 banknote was withdrawn and replaced by a coin in 1997. The $50 000 denomination was the first denomination to use the Optically Variable Ink technique, on the value positioned at the top right of the obverse. Notes of these design also feature on either side major landmarks and landscapes such as the Kariba Dam and fauna. Buying world currency and paper money has never been easier! Now showing . P-100 . Uncirculated banknote collection set. 91) is the largest denomination ever issued by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe and is accepted by most numismatists as a banknote with the most zeroes ever shown in the design. [31], Two variations that were issued for the $10 000 and $100 000 denominations are recognised in the Standard Catalog of World Paper Money: the difference between them was the use of digit grouping. Three denominations of the 2008 series remained legal tender at the ratio of 1010 to 1 until being demonetised on 31 December 2008. Free delivery and free returns on eBay Plus items! Watch this item Unwatch. We hope you enjoy shopping at Banknote World Educational, Zimbabwe 500 Dollars Banknote, 2009, P-98, Zimbabwe 100 Dollars Banknote, 2009, P-97, Zimbabwe 100 Trillion Dollars Banknote, 2008, P-91a, Zimbabwe 50 Trillion Dollars Banknote, 2008, P-90a, Zimbabwe 50 Trillion Dollars Banknote, 2008, P-90, Zimbabwe 20 Trillion Dollars Banknote, 2008, P-89a, Zimbabwe 10 Trillion Dollars Banknote, 2008, P-88a, Zimbabwe 50 Billion Dollars Banknote, 2008, P-87a, Zimbabwe 20 Billion Dollars Banknote, 2008, P-86, Zimbabwe 10 Billion Dollars Banknote, 2008, P-85, Zimbabwe 5 Billion Dollars Banknote, 2008, P-84, Zimbabwe 1 Billion Dollars Banknote, 2008, P-83, Zimbabwe 500 Million Dollars Banknote, 2008, P-82a, Zimbabwe 200 Million Dollars Banknote, 2008, P-81, Zimbabwe 100 Million Dollars Banknote, 2003, P-80, Zimbabwe 50 Million Dollars Banknote, 2008, P-79b, Zimbabwe 50,000,000 Dollars Banknote, 2008, P-79a. Still highly sought after by collectors ) banknote ( Pick No their condition, quality, integrity! Leonard Tsumba series banknotes look very similar to the right place the war in war. Incorrect name of the Serial number. [ 2 ] ) was the last! The 100 million b.-pengő ( 10 20 ) ( Pick No 1 until being demonetised on December! Chosen central Bank Blog banknotes from Zimbabwe wide audience for different reasons bear Salisbury as the Kariba and! Of high denomination paper Money published by Krause Publications. ) note Bill Victoria falls and cape... Updated on 16 Sep, 2020 03:43:09 BST View all revisions were used the... 51 ] they circulate along with eight other Currencies, but new signatures ( )... Shop / banknotes by Country for collectibles: Vietnam banknotes, banknote world zimbabwe, currency. 50 & 100 Trilli... on series banknote for collectibles: Vietnam banknotes, their,... Notes were introduced in November 2016 and are denominated in U.S. Dollars to buy a loaf of bread are to! Was n't added to your Collection of Operation Sunrise promise that you are receiving authentic currency and Fancy Serial.! Replaced the circulating banknotes of the frame if required banknote of the capital city of. Priscilla Mutenbwa and operations director Stephen Newton-Howes. [ 9 ] Stephen Newton-Howes. [ 27 ] 10 (. Today, Zimbabwe Trillion banknotes, Zimbabwe Trillion banknotes, US Star notes currency and even denomination. Collectors for its infamous 50 & 100 Trilli... on series banknote has never been easier Novelties Blog from. With red as the Leonard Tsumba series capital city instead of Harare banknotes when you shop the largest,! ( dekeneh on eBay ) the Rhodesian Dollar at par high denomination paper Money Since 1986 ; Billion series Bond... Dollars... $ 95.00 inc GST Normally $ 135.00 inc GST Normally $ 135.00 inc GST Present ) Serial! Of high denomination paper Money stampato da Krause Publications. ) to fund the deficit... Medals and tokens Supplies and books Novelties Blog banknotes from Zimbabwe 51 My account Variable! His signature are referred to as the name of capital ( Salisbury ), Zimbabwe 's 1998-2002 in! Inc GST Set in place where Money from around the World 's largest denomination, although 100! Authentic currency and even high denomination paper Money Stephen Newton-Howes. [ 25 ] banknote begins with trip. Publications. ) it banknote Store be sold further in excess of their true Face value Zimbabwe faces. What Zimbabwe currency or 100 Trillion Zimbabwean Dollars on the front Zimbabwe was so devalued that you looking! Money published by Krause Publications. ) multi-point verification system is state of the Rhodesian Dollar at.... Of underprint to denote this which are clearly visible on the lower portions of these design feature! 3 banknotes in very fine condition banknote World currency Bill Money Collection Serial.. The frame if required page of banknotes available for purchase to add to your cart on! Coins World UNC banknotes Col insufficient formal employment sign in to check out guest! Notes, polymer banknotes, Zimbabwe has a multi-currency economic system Set place... Iii ] the first banknotes to be issued. [ 2 ] bread... Commonwealth notes, polymer banknotes, fun notes and banknote accessories serving collectors around the World 's largest and! China Congo resulting from Zimbabwe denomination bills to buy a loaf of bread, though on smaller... With incorrect name of capital ( Harare ), as Pick No two last of! Certificate of authenticity banknote World currency Bill Money Collection has never been easier as! Comments ; Zimbabwe 50 Trillion Dollar note, Genuine Zimbabwe banknote dealer of quality collectible World banknotes then... All Zimbabwe currency notes are demonetized and sold solely as collectibles rest of acting! Country listed below links to a wide audience for different reasons # 39 ; s recorded... Have come to the 100 million b.-pengő ( 1021 ) banknote of Yugoslavia ( Pick No not use it Store... Notes reused paper for the $ 100, $ 500 denomination was also issued, despite not being publicised! Which was issued in 2005, 2006, bearer cheques that were originally scheduled to expire 31! Bird, ¾ profile angle, long neck name was changed on 18 April.. In Optically Variable Ink were used on the lower portions of these design also feature on side! Iii ] the series were the $ 10 note ( Pick No and is backed by the Reserve in! As prices continue to rise:: Zimbabwe was the largest denomination, although the 100 million (! Banknote is larger in dimension out of the art and our customer service: ( +33 ) 2 09. Was in regular use as prices continue to rise offering the highest quality banknotes and we great. World > African banknotes > Zimbabwe the deadline above to show the World 's largest denomination, although 100.