Reset APNs to default. Tapping on the Storage option; Select the “Clear Cache” button to clean out the cached data. Optus says its digital self-service tools are now handling 84 percent of all customer service related inquiries, with a positive impact on its customer satisfaction scores. See Apple Support. I have the same question. In any event, the issue probably wont be fixed with version 3.1, as this issue is not with every carrier, just Optus, and apple are not to blame, its optus. Try sending message using service api call. Even better, all Apple devices have iMessage including Macs and all the various iDevices–even Apple Watch. The Optus Wi-Fi calling FAQ page has more information . Reset Moto G4 plus (Android 7.0 Nougat). You can also test the notification settings while in safe mode in the native messaging app. Windows 10 apps not working. If you can't send and receive MMS, follow these instructions to solve the problem. To remove the app from the list of apps under battery optimization, you need to head over to Settings>>Battery>>Battery optimization and uncheck the app on which you are not getting the notifications. Tap into My Optus app for the easiest way to manage your OPTUS account and get help when you need it. They called me called within 24 hours after I sent the … Apple’s Messages app on iPhone, iPad, and iPod devices is a texting lover’s dream come true. Each time I try to access it, it pops up saying "message+ keeps stopping" I've tried all kinds of troubleshooting but nothing seems to work. Why is the Verizon messaging app not working? Standard Tickets for just $12.50* HOYTS LUX tickets for just $27* Click BOOK NOW to select your favourite cinema, session and seats on the HOYTS website. I hope above given steps to fix messenger app not working android phone is helpful. I am not able to chat with my frnz by this app due to this problem. via OnePlus 7T. In Android if the app gets killed messaging().setBackgroundMessageHandler is not invoked. Settings > Personal > Backup & reset > Factory data reset > Reset phone. It will provide you the response code and response json which may help you to get the reason for not working FCM. Optus, the 3rd largest telco in Australia providing business and residential customers fixed & mobile telephony, ADSL internet and cable TV (HFC) services.Optus mostly operates its own network infrastructure whilst providing NBN retail and wholesale connections. Nope not working, couldn't even open messaging app in setting,it will just crash. Tickets can be used at anytime, subject to availability. 1603380330 Author | from Redmi Note 5 #4. Service call usage answered here- Firebase onMessageReceived not called when app … If you use a messaging app on your Android phone, you might run into a common issue where messaging no longer works. Messaging app is not working , it shows that "we can't send a message right now". Every time I send a message it says message not sent. I have confirmed this by emailing their help centre. We’ve been working on some new features and updates to make sure you get the best experience: - You can now share files when messaging Optus experts in the app - Business Connect customers now see their primary service first - Improved accessibility & minor bug fixes. Hi go to device settings app reboot your device and check 2019-06-19 09:35:48. Repeat this process for the “Messaging+”, “Phone(dialer)“, and “Contacts” applications. The best way to manage your OPTUS account and get help when you need it. I run a VPN on my Mobile but still, Optus app was collecting my data. Labels (1) Labels Verizon Messages; 91 people had this problem. Or it lets me see all the people that most recently texted me, and their most recent text, but whenever I click on anyone, it's just a black screen. Optus Perks members can buy discounted movie tickets at HOYTS cinemas, even on public holidays! I am not able to use this app after reinstallation also ,It often shows that "we can't send a message right now". I’m trying to get in touch with Telstra but because it’s non urgent I have to do so via messaging on the 24x7 app. Check our network outage graph for keeping eye whether any Optus services are down and not working. Optus Wi-Fi Calling lets you make and receive calls, MMS and SMS from your smartphone over an accessible WiFi network connection. 1603380330 Author | from Redmi Note 5 #4. Ratings and Reviews See All. In my opinion they have software installed that is promising to block illegitimate tethering, and this is 1. not working & 2. pi*sing everyone off doing the right thing. Optus Sport App on Apple TV Not working (again!) MMS can contain media files such as pictures and audio files. If Reset doesn't work, then you should uninstall using Powershell and reinstall the Photos App That’s it. This is a pretty simple step that might work. Shame RCS isn’t working with the Samsung msg app though. Are you Worried because some of the Windows 10 Apps not working, Windows App store not working, or Windows Store opens and closes immediately? Rookie Bunny. I couldn't see the numbers properly so I was obviously giving wrong numbers, they said that the original numbers were not working, i'm baffled why they won't just send an optus tech to help me. Search for your device or check … After leaving your phone in Safe Mode for a full 3 minutes, please do a normal restart to bring it out of Safe Mode and then test the Message+ app to see if the notifications are working. OnePlus messaging app not working Oct 2, 2020 at 12:59 PM via OnePlus 7T. When you look at the app to find how MUCH data you have used, it will show the websiteS you have been accessing. My Configurations are : firebase_auth: ^0.10.0 firebase_messaging: ^5.0.0 The manifest is like this: The code is like this: Clear Cache. If you or your contact had an iPhone and switched recently, turn off or unregister iMessage & FaceTime. Working on Note20 Ultra with Optus. To speed up the process, Firebase In-App Messaging has a test mode that allows you to send messages to a specific device immediately. If above doesn't work, second response should be to Reset the concerned App Right click on Windows Start > Apps & Features > Locate Messaging by Scrolling Down > Click Advanced Options > Click Reset 3. SIVARAMAN N Hi go to device settings app Click on the “Default Messaging” app and select the “Storage” option. Solution 2: Changing … Head to Settings>>App Manager>>Messaging App>>App … 2. Thankfully, this kind of problem can usually be solved quickly as well. Please help . And if its Net Promoter Score (NPS) improvements are anything to go by, it’s working a treat. As a part of its 2020 CX vision, Optus has launched messaging to improve its CX. So I went to the web version and tried to message from there, and it redirected me to my messaging app to send messages to 24x7 and still it says message not sent. Default Message App not working When I try to use the app it either says "Loading Conversations" -- I've tried letting it sit for hours, nothing ever happened. I am getting the notification when the app is in the foreground but not when the app in the background. You can send MMS to one or more phones and to email addresses. SIVARAMAN N Hi go to device settings app Your first step is to retrieve your app’s … Clear the app cache for Email & Messaging. Step 5: If above given steps not fix app not working problem then reset your android device. The Optus app spies on you! As described in the Firebase documentation, Firebase In-App Messaging only retrieves messages from the server once per day. Also, I have google-ed/StackOverflow-ed for like 2 hours or more but able to resolves this. Check out our interactive guides and learn how to understand and use the features of your device. MESSAGE US 24/7 FOR SUPPORT • Get instant responses from our new Digital Assistant • Connect to human experts when you need to • Access your message history • Reply when it suits you FIND YOUR OWN ANSWERS • Learn more about your device with our device guides • Check Optus … Check to see if the issue persists. Acoustic Mobile App Messaging recommends that you do not transmit sensitive information in inbox, inapp, and mobile app messages. So as of v6 notifications functionality is not available anymore I was planning to use react-native-firebase (only the messaging module) to get silent pushes and then using other lib to … G_prasanth_kumar_, via OnePlus 7T, Oct 2, 2020 at 12:59 PM: After updating my op7t to 10.3.5 . Message notification are not working I have to check in mesage app @Optus I don't know why rep made me pullout the sim of the modem for the 4g backup. Check whether picture messaging is turned on in Settings > Messages > turn on MMS Messaging. It could be that a few of the Windows 10 Apps stop working after trying to fix issues with Microsoft Edge Browser, Cortana and Start Menu. However, Optus is making the effort to change all that. WARNING: When Acoustic Mobile App Messaging stores data that you send, the data is not encrypted. G_prasanth_kumar_ Donut Oct 2, 2020 at 12:59 PM. We’ve been working on some new features and updates to make sure you get the best experience: - You can now share files when messaging Optus experts in the app - Business Connect customers now see their primary service first - Improved accessibility & minor bug fixes. The new ‘Messaging’ service aims to support customers in addition to its ‘always-on’ … While the app on Android phones is now widespread - you can download it from Google Play - the rate of adoption and success of RCS messaging depends on the mobile operators. Hi go to device settings app reboot your device and check 2019-06-19 21:35:48. Nope not working, couldn't even open messaging app in setting,it will just crash. Apple devices: If the message is blue, see iMessage. We do not encrypt the data in our databases or log files, or when stored on the … Tap into your account with the My Optus app. Reply Report Rate. This video is to show how to fix no notification alerts from Messaging app on Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 Plus, Note 8, S9, and S9 Plus with Android 8.x. ozf1 on 20/06/2018 - 13:21 Last edited 20/06/2018 - 14:33 Hi there, anyone else with an Apple TV (4th Gen), having issues with the Optus Sport App? Reply Report Rate. Rookie Bunny. We look forward to getting the results. How do I fix this? GinaU_VZW Messaging allows users to send text, photo, or video messages to keep in touch with all of their contacts and friends.